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Silvestri Law, P.A. April 5, 2021

St. Petersburg and the greater Tampa Bay area offer lots of opportunities for people in the construction industry.

Each successful construction project should be a source of income for the developer, the contractor, subcontractors and others involved down to the individual workers.

However, in part because they are complicated to plan and involve a lot of money, legal issues are bound to arise.

Not handling these issues appropriately can turn a promising project into a loss for a firm and can, in the worst cases, even put a firm into financial distress.

Legal Skill and Experience Is Important when Choosing the Right Representative

For this reason, anyone who is involved in construction will want to have the right representation to help them navigate legal issues and advocate for their interests.

Because it is a broad field, a skilled construction law attorney is going to need to have developed knowledge in a number of areas.

For example, a construction project will frequently require extensive negotiation of the terms of several contracts. Along with these contracts, firms will also need to deal with questions to surety bonds, insurance requirements, permitting, and the like.

In this respect, the construction industry relies heavily on terms of art and standard industry practices with which an attorney will need to be familiar.

Construction law also overlaps frequently with other issues related to real estate development. For example, a construction project may not get off the ground if there is cloud on the title of the land being developed or there is some issue related to zoning.

Many people also consider workplace safety an important aspect of construction law.

Finally, in the event of a dispute, a construction lawyer may have to go to court or in front of an arbitrator in order to represent his or her client’s interests.