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Person Signing Lease Contract

Getting Legal Support With a Commercial Lease

Silvestri Law, P.A. March 28, 2023

Protect Your Bottom Line with A Strong Lease Agreement

Whether you are a commercial landlord or a prospective tenant in Florida, time is money. Missing out on an ideal property or well-funded tenant can make all the difference in your business’s financial health. Your ability to secure favorable terms in your lease agreement and close your deal as promptly as possible allows you to make the most of your property investment and focus on your other goals.

If you are not familiar with state real estate laws and local regulations that establish your obligations, however, the contract that you sign could open your business up to legal risk. Silvestri Law, P.A. knows how to conclude complex real estate transactions promptly and defend its clients’ long-term interests. Founding attorney, Larry Silvestri, has been helping businesses and companies make smart choices that strengthen their entity’s bottom line. For a quarter of a century, he has successfully advocated for clients throughout Florida and beyond. You owe it to your business to see how he can assist you.

Understanding Commercial Landlord Obligations

While the law might hold a residential landlord responsible for certain maintenance, repairs, and the habitability of the premises, a commercial landlord has few duties other than to comply with the terms of the lease. This means that commercial leases should be carefully crafted to protect each party’s interests. However, the reality is that commercial leases are usually written to protect the interests of the party that initially drafts the lease, which means that the other party will need to carefully review the lease and request (and negotiate for) modifications to protect their interests.

How You Benefit from Larry Silvestri’s Counsel

The firm’s clients benefit from attorney Silvestri’s deep understanding of contract law and negotiating strategies. Before entering negotiations, he will thoroughly examine the proposed terms. A resident of the area, Larry Silvestri has an intimate understanding of property values and market conditions in Tampa Bay. He uses this local and legal insight to obtain optimal terms. As your advocate, he will explain the advantages and drawbacks associated with your proposed contract, so you can truly make an educated decision before you sign.

Silvestri Law, P.A., strives to complete transactions as efficiently as possible without sacrificing the quality of legal counsel provided. Larry Silvestri recognizes there is always pressure to get the deal done and documented as soon as possible. If you are a tenant, you don’t want to lose out on a prime location. If you are a landlord, you want to start earning rental income as soon as possible. However, many issues beyond the rent and length of term need to be resolved before a commercial lease is signed. You can depend on the firm to take the steps necessary to maximize your opportunities while minimizing liabilities.

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