St. Pete Chamber: The Shine’s on Silvestri Law, P.A.

The St. Petersburg Chamber recently featured Silvestri Law on its Brights Spots Blog. See an excerpt of the writeup below:

Silvestri Law is a St. Pete-based commercial real estate law firm focused on delivering practical, cost-effective legal services for clients in connection with real estate transactions. From small business owners to regional investors, Silvestri Law helps clients navigate the legalities of leasing, buying, selling, developing, and financing commercial property. This includes helping you negotiate real estate deals, drafting and reviewing leases and contracts, performing due diligence, and taking appropriate action to solve any problems that may arise.

Larry Silvestri, President of Silvestri Law, founded the firm in 2015 after serving in corporate counsel roles for a number of major real estate developers for over 25 years. Immediately prior to starting Silvestri Law, he served for 16 years as senior vice president and general counsel for The Goodman Company of West Palm Beach, a privately held regional real estate development and management company engaged in shopping centers, retail properties, and office buildings.

Silvestri has lived in St. Pete for four years but has been visiting the city since childhood. When he and his wife made the move here from the West Palm Beach area in 2016 to be near their son, Paul, Silvestri saw it as the right time, right place to grow his private practice.

“St. Pete’s transformation into the vibrant, buzzing city it is today has been an extraordinary thing to witness,” says Silvestri. “When relocating my firm, I was truly inspired by the city’s creative energy, business-friendly environment and seemingly endless opportunities for growth and progress. Four years later, I continue to feel this way.”

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