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Helping You Secure Favorable Real Estate Financing Terms

Like with other aspects of commercial real estate, putting together and closing a financing deal for the development, purchase or refinancing of a commercial property is more complex than a standard residential mortgage. Managing the delivery of due diligence materials to the lender, answering any questions that arise (and they will arise) and promptly following up on all closing checklist items are essential for a smooth closing.

Using Extensive Insight To Protect Your Interests

For more than 25 years, attorney Larry Silvestri has helped clients overcome legal obstacles that prevent them from achieving their objectives. Larry Silvestri’s extensive experience with all aspects of real estate law gives him the insight required to handle your financing matters. Before founding the Saint Petersburg firm, attorney Silvestri served as the assistant vice president/director of legal services at First Union Real Estate Equity and Mortgage Investments, a real estate investment trust listed on the NYSE. He uses the knowledge gained in this position as well as his deep connections with industry experts to structure a financing agreement that meets your needs.

Before you finalize that loan commitment for commercial real estate financing (or, as is more likely, signing that term sheet that obligates the borrower to pay certain fees and costs regardless of whether the loan closes but does not commit the lender to make the loan), discuss your concerns with Larry Silvestri. He will examine the proposed deal and determine whether you are in a position to negotiate for more optimal terms. Receiving sound legal counsel can help you limit fees that do not add value to your investment and avoid taking on obligations that jeopardize your business’s bottom line.

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