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I’ve always understood the importance of practical and personal legal counsel. As former in-house counsel and senior executive for real estate development companies, I’ve perfected the craft of making a deal. I then started Silvestri Law, P.A. in 2015 in order to offer high-quality, dedicated representation to Florida professionals in commercial real estate matters. The opportunity to help make your vision a reality—whether that’s the creation of a new business, shopping center, or office building—motivates me to protect your interests at every stage of the process.

Common Questions About Commercial Real Estate

Why Should I Hire an Attorney?

Florida’s commercial real estate market is full of risk. Because commercial real estate contracts are not required to disclose certain information, it’s up to you to conduct due diligence before you close your deal. Working with an experienced lawyer can help you avoid making costly mistakes.

What Provisions Should My Purchase Contract Include?

No two commercial real estate contracts are exactly alike. However, there are common provisions that most of them include, such as closing conditions, warranties, covenants, and representations. Keep in mind that what these contracts do not include is often just as important.

How Do I Know What the Property Is Zoned For?

When you’re planning to purchase or lease a property for a commercial purpose, you need to do your research. Part of your due diligence is ensuring the property has been zoned for commercial use, as well as examining utilities and conducting a title search. Reach out to an attorney for guidance.

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Ready to Be Your Dealmaker

Nothing is quite as thrilling--or as risky--as a commercial real estate venture. When you hope to navigate your transaction smoothly, it’s easy to get lost in the emotions of the moment and miss out on the bigger picture.

Drawing on Years of Experience

At Silvestri Law, P.A., I’m here to help. I provide top-notch commercial real estate services coupled with personalized attention to help you and your business thrive. With decades of experience in the industry, both as an attorney and as a former vice president for a national real estate development company, there are few legal advocates more knowledgeable.

Utilizing Industry Connections

Seeing the forest for the trees can be tough, especially when you need to make a deal. That’s why I leave no stone unturned when it comes to protecting your commercial real estate interests. I maintain valuable connections in the industry—from developers, to brokers, to other lawyers—and I’m ready to draw on these connections to move you forward.

Helping You Seek Results

The commercial real estate industry in Florida is constantly evolving. When you need to find solid ground, contact me. I provide guidance based on decades of experience and a passion for helping businesses succeed. If you live anywhere in Florida, including Tampa Bay and Sarasota, set up a free consultation today.

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